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Magnet Motor Simulation Demo
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Info and Instructions for the Magnet Motor Simulation Demo

Version 1.2  build Number 30

  This is a free demonstration version of a magnet motor performance simulator.  It is designed to give you the general feel of how this particular motor simulator works and what it is supposed to do.

  The image below is a full scale screen shot of the actual program's visual interface.  On the upper left quarter of the screen shot are the input boxes for your motor specifications.  On the lower left are the controls and calculation readouts and on the right half of the screen shot is a graphical representation of the actual relative output positions of the magnets on both stator(s) and rotor.

  When the program is first launched, the magnet rows are initially represented only by the blue and red concentric circles until the magnet forces are calculated, at which time the solid buttons are drawn on top of the concentric circles to represent the individual magnets.  The stator magnets are represented in blue and the rotor magnets are colored red and the relative direction of motion for the rotor is clockwise.

The final (Full) non-demo version of the software will allow the user to place a number of magnets equally spaced on a virtual stator(s) and a number of magnets equally spaced on a virtual rotor, and by incrementing the rotor by a specified amount with each mouse click, to determine the net force on the rotor by the magnets on the stator(s).  The final version will allow the user to determine the torque on the rotor of a specified diameter with specified magnet strengths.  This simulator can be used to represent any magnet layout configuration.

  In this demo version, all motor specification input variables have been disabled and replaced by unchangeable defaults, and all stator status switches and the help button are disabled.  Also, there is no readout for rotor torque and motor performance. and it is not possible to print anything from the demo as there is nothing to print anyway.  Everything else works.

  This demo's  "default number of magnets"  on the inner stator, the outer stator, and the rotor are the lower end of the Fibernacci series, which I picked for no particular reason.

  This demonstration program is not finished, but it is functional enough to get some idea of what the full version will do.  I will be upgrading this demo program periodically, so do come back often and check for a more functional download.  The current version number is at the top of the page as well as in the News section under 'Product Announcements'.  This demo program is just a simple 36 KB executable which can be either downloaded to your computer or run directly from this server.  The downloaded program will not be installed on your computer and therefore can be run by just double-clicking it's icon from whichever directory it was downloaded to.  Check the downloads page for system requirements.

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